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History of Wedding Favours

The history of wedding favours goes back to the 16th century. Originally they were only given by the upper class. Bonbonnieres or Bomboniere were given to their guests. They were usually crystal or porcelain boxes which contained bonbons. Later on other classes took on the tradition of giving wedding favours.

Eventually the fillings changed to sugared coated almonds. These represent the "bittersweet" of married life. The almond represents the bitter and the sugar coating represents the sweet. Commonly five "sweets" are given to represent health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity. Sometimes, with modern wedding favours, almonds are substituted for chocolates, sometimes in the shape of a sugared almond favour.

Wedding favours are available in many different styles and colours to suit your wedding day theme and personal taste. Favours are normally placed on the tables at the wedding reception. Although some couples prefer to give them out after the meal, sometimes at the evening reception.

Your favours are a sign to your guests of your gratitude at their attendance and gifts received. They also can become a treasured memento of the day.

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