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How to make a Vintage Table Plan

I made the below table plan by using a frame purchased from B&M for £14.99 wo kann ich epub kostenlosen. The original frame was just plain white and to start with I just tried applying gold paint to highlight the detail around the frames. However, this made the frame look dirty rather than vintage with irc. What it needed was contrast, so I painted the frame black, grey and brown. It looked a complete mess and at this stage, I thought “What have I done?” The frame was for my sister’s wedding which was a week away and I was worried if I messed it up I wouldn’t have time to buy another frame older amd drivers.

After applying the first coat I covered the frame with a very thin layer of white paint. I kept the brush as dry as possible as I wanted some of the darker paint to come through eis am stiel kostenlos downloaden. It took another couple of very thin layers until it looked right. I rubbed a little of the paint off with sandpaper to create some scratches. Using a gold ink pad I dabbed the edges of the frames microsoft word 2008 kostenlosen deutsch.

Vintage Wedding Table Plan

Vintage/Rustic Wedding Table Plan

Supplies needed:

  • Frame – This was a plastic multi-frame but you could use any, such as a wooden or metal frame.
  • Dark paint – Grey/Brown/Black
  • White paint
  • Medium Size brush for white paint and darker paint
  • Gold ink pad/Gold paint
  • If using a gold paint – small brush
  • Rough sand paper

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