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Vintage Inspired Jam Jar Candle Holder – DIY

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Vintage Jam Jar Tea Light Holder

Vintage Jam Jar Tea Light Holder


What you will need to make a Vintage Inspired Jam Jar Candle Holder:

  • Clean Jam Jars
  • Ribbons (Two Ribbons in Two Different Widths)
  • Super Glue
  • Faux Pearl Beads or Other Beads of Your Choice
  • Tea Lights
  • Metal Charms

First take the wider ribbon and cut enough out to wrap around the jar plus a bit extra for an overlap, then do the same with the thinner ribbon herunterladen. Glue the wider ribbon to the jar. When dry glue the thinner ribbon over the top of the wider ribbon.

Once the ribbon is dry you can glue a metal charm in the middle of the ribbons, once dry glue a few faux pearl beads around the charm musik player android kostenlos downloaden. To finish pour a few beads into the jar and add a lighted tea light candle or a LED tea light. Now your done, wasn’t that easy?

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