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Airport Wedding Fayre

This has got to be a first! Would you like to see a Vulcan Bomber and find your wedding dress or cake maker? Then you should visit the Doncaster Robin Hood Airport on Sunday 27th October 2012. Sounds like a pretty cool idea to me, maybe unusual venues for fayres should be the new thing?

The Pain of the Non-RSVPers

RSVP card

Can / Cannot accept…

Why, oh why do guests not RSVP? This is something I’m sure nearly every couple has been through – you need to know how many guests to cater for but you’ve not received all the RSVP cards back. We live in a world where is pretty hard not to be able to communicate with those around us – mobile phones, Twitter, Facebook, email plus the good old methods of house phone; letter; even fax – if you have a fax machine that is; and the really, really, oldest of the old, actually speaking to someone face to face. But still, even with an array of  communication possibilities available, some people just think it’s OK not tell you whether they are coming to your wedding or not.

And to top it off when you chase them up they say “Well I might come, not sure yet” or “When is it again? And what time is it? Oh and where is it? – Well I’ll have to think about it then” ARGHH!!!

Do you share the pain? Then leave a comment.

Planning the Perfect Wedding

Organising your big day can be incredibly exciting, but it can be scary and overwhelming at the same time.

There’s a lot to think about – who you are going to invite, who is going to sit with whom, the menu, the dress, the guests, the luxury limo and wedding car hire, the venue – the list goes on and on.

We believe that the place to start is to get your thoughts down on paper. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together some ideas to get you started.

Be unexpected: Think up new and original ideas when approaching every aspect of your wedding, from type of food to the music and entertainment.

Remember there are no rules – this is your wedding. I mean, think about it – who says you need to have a white dress?

Food for thought: It’s much better to choose a wedding that reflects the tastes of you and your groom than it is to have a boring hotel catered wedding.

Choose your favourite dishes, recipes and meals that you cook as a couple. The majority hotels and caterers will be happy to help you be creative.

Easy rider – How you choose to make your entrance as a bride and the way you transport your guests will really make a difference to your wedding.

Whether you choose to hire a modern luxury limo, a vintage wedding car or horse drawn carriage really depends on the sort of person you are. But we suggest a helicopter!

Seriously though, there are hundreds of choices for your limo and wedding car. Hire some that best suit your wedding theme.

Online insight: Use the power of the Internet to inspire you. There are vast amount of design and wedding planning blogs and online magazines. There are even plenty of mobile apps these days that help you plan on the go.

Memorable melodies: Induce some memories and emotions with your music selection. This is very likely to affect your guests’ moods so you must ensure you choose wisely.

Unique décor – Have you thought about adding something a little bit special to your wedding with unique items you won’t find anywhere else?

If you are a scavenger at heart, you can look for decorative props for tabletops, vintage glassware or antique chests.

Flower power – Using flowers that everyone else uses is so cliché. Sure, you can use roses as your centrepiece, but think about using other interesting elements too. How about wildflowers, blossoming branches, or fresh fruit? Really let your imagination go wild.

DIY Jam Jars

As I said, a new page on how to make a Vintage Inspired Jam Jar Tea Light Holder: http://www.love2print.co.uk/blog/diy-bride/vintage-inspired-jam-jar-candle-holder/

This is a really quick and simple idea, but one that would look great on any vintage wedding reception table. Enjoy!

Sorry for Being so Quiet

I will be posting a new DIY article soon. I’m going to be making some jam jar candle holders, so watch this space!

Christmas is Nearly Here!

Christmas day is nearly here. Christmas is a time when things slow down on the wedding front, as brides and grooms concentrate on Christmas instead of their big day. And if your one of the brides that has trouble thinking about anything else other than your big day then remember having a break is important. Take this time to celebrate and relax with your friends and family. Stop worrying about what might go wrong, that you haven’t got enough time left or that you have forgotten to arrange something, instead have a good Christmas.

Merry Christmas,


How to make a Vintage Table Plan

I made the below table plan by using a frame purchased from B&M for £14.99. The original frame was just plain white and to start with I just tried applying gold paint to highlight the detail around the frames. However, this made the frame look dirty rather than vintage. What it needed was contrast, so I painted the frame black, grey and brown. It looked a complete mess and at this stage, I thought “What have I done?” The frame was for my sister’s wedding which was a week away and I was worried if I messed it up I wouldn’t have time to buy another frame. Continue reading How to make a Vintage Table Plan

More on the 24 hour Wedding Fair

What Makes this Fair So Different?

Traditional Fairs

Most wedding fairs are held on Sundays in the UK. They usually start at around 10.00 to 11.00 a.m. and finish between 4.00 to 5.00 p.m. Some fairs are held in the evenings but this is less common. A range of exhibitors are present providing all sorts of products and services. Brides may be welcomed with a glass of champagne and a goody bag. Fairs tend to be held in wedding venues such as hotels, therefore Continue reading More on the 24 hour Wedding Fair


I have just completed the buns for my sister’s wedding. Chocolate sponge with dark chocolate chips and topped with chocolate icing. Finished with sprinkles and sugar paste flowers. Delicious! Trust me, I had to eat one so I know. Obviously for the purpose of testing the buns to make sure they were OK, not because they looked so nice!

Chocolate Buns with Chocolate Butter Cream Icing

Chocolate Buns with Chocolate Butter Cream Icing

UK’s First 24 Hour Wedding Fayre in Sheffield

The UK’s first 24 hour wedding fayre is to be held at the Grosvenor G casino in Sheffield. It’s for over 18s only, so no taking your kids, which might be a bonus for some (night off) but inconvenient for others. It starts on the 21st of February at 12 noon and ends the following noon on Friday the 22nd.

Now this has got me thinking, who will come to a 24 hour wedding fayre? And to be more specific who will be coming in the early hours of the morning? Will it just be the normal visitors to the casino or will brides and grooms make a special trip? Continue reading UK’s First 24 Hour Wedding Fayre in Sheffield